Sharing Stories, Exploring CitySpheres and Shifting the Frontier of the New Economy embedded in a Thriving Society and Ecology

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We are independent professionals moving in diverse city spaces. We support local initiatives and connect communities to governments and businesses to bring ideas to life and build sustainable ventures. 

Rieta Aliredjo

Social Ventures for People Planet & Prosperity | Circular and Doughnut Economy Advocate | Owner at RINETIC | Founder Stars are Circular Foundation

I love learning, experimenting and building. I hope to contribute as much as possible to create for all a life of freedom, equal opportunity, and shared responsibility for the earth we live on.

Zinzi Stasse

Owner at New Wave Collective | Consultant Social and Sustainable Innovation | Social Entrepreneur

I have a background in phycology (change management), business and sustainability. With New Wave Collective I aim to work together with other entrepreneurs and creatives to help organisations transition to a new economy.

Anne van Veen

Owner at Fair Friday | Consultant social and sustainable impact | Ethical fashion Advocate 

I studied Social Policy and Public Health, which focuses on social, health and environmental risks.  It is my passion to inspire and support consumers and entrepreneurs to increase their positive impact. 

Baukje Spaltro

Artist and owner of City Spheres CAP – Contemporary Art Project | Co-creator and Innovator | Founder of Norbau Foundation | Artistic leader of InsideOut Panorama | Advisor Contemporary Art

I connect contemporary art with the social domain, for more insight and wellbeing in urban Europe. I create colored perceptions of the urban world we live in. For awareness of our current social identity and our role in it. I believe in connected diversity. My work is part of national and international art collections.